A Year in Review

This has been quite a year. We stayed busy here at the Chamber/VIC helping visitors find their way, businesses promote their wares, and the community promote their events. Some of the fun things the Chamber sponsored were the Customer Service Workshop, Coast Guard Appreciation Softball Game, Last Chance Salmon Derby (an event co-sponsored by the Quileute Tribe, City of Forks and the Chamber) and the 18th Annual Wine & Cheese “Hoh Down”. We had the honor of participating in a sunny Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July, the Stephenie Meyer Day celebration, the Fish n Brew and the Twinkle Lights Parade.

The Forks Logging & Mill Tour was very popular this summer and we welcomed back two “seasoned” log tour drivers, Jack Zaccardo and Randy Mesenbrink and two new ones aboard, Joe Seymour and Mike Wendell.

One of the challenges faced this year was the heavy snowfall we received in January. A tree fell on Marcia Bingham’s house and caused her and the Sol Duc River a huge headache. The river was actually closed when it was removed. That doesn’t happen every day!   Mike Gurling left the Chamber in September (as a paid employee anyway) to pursue dreams of traveling with his new lady, Claire. Rianilee Belles, our longtime Sunday employee, relocated to a new city. Merry Parker shortened her hours at the Chamber to take on management of the Teen Center at night. And we welcomed the always smiling Whitney Flagg to our staff. Our summer person, Beth Turner was a great help to us. Susie Michels, our webmaster, worked diligently on the Chamber’s new website. Very loyal volunteers, Willard Morgan and Marcia Yanish are now joined by our new volunteer, Tisha Sliwinski. I have taken on Mike’s administrative duties and love every minute!

The Chamber saw businesses open and close. We welcomed new residents to town, and said goodbye to others. The dry summer put everyone on high fire alert (although it was good for tourism.) And with the start of the rain again, we were heartbroken, along with the rest of the community, when the IOOF Hall that housed Rainforest Arts Center burned down. The empty, burning Dazzled By Twilight store was a sad sight to behold, splashed across websites and newspapers.

From the perspective of the Forks Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center, it was a very good year. Our visitor numbers continued to stay strong, according to the VIC guest register. We were prepared for a slow-down this summer and much to our surprise, we had throngs of first-timers, repeat visitors, and those wishing to live here some day! We are continuing to hear from writers – travel, blog, magazine, you name it. They want us to reveal the magic that is Forks. Maybe they will be lucky enough to come here some day to find out for themselves.

We look forward to a very promising, interesting and busy 2013 and hope you do too!


5 Responses to “A Year in Review”

  1. Dawn says:

    Happy New Year Forks Washington, wish I was there to bring in the new year!

  2. Andrea says:

    We were one of the visitors this summer! (return visit for me, 1st for my husband) We’re planning on coming back again this summer. We love Forks!!!!!! Love from Virginia.

  3. Dawn says:

    I just love Forks; I have visited many times and have been there for SMD a couple of times. I was just wondering if there is going to be SMD this year; I have been looking for any information about it this year and have not been able to find anything. Thank you!

    • Lissy Andros says:

      Stephenie Meyer Day will be September 13 – 15, 2013. It is still in the planning stages so please check for updates on our events page. We look forward to seeing you then!

  4. Becky Piirainen says:

    We come and visit every year at different times of the year when we visit family that live in the Tacoma area. We see something new every year and we are in love with the Forks area.

    We just returned home last week after visiting my mother in the hospital. She had surgery before Christmas and had some life threatening complications. I am happy to say she is stable now but it was sad to leave Washington without visiting Forks for the first trip in years. But we were there in July and again in August and are going to try and make it there for the 4th of July this year!

    I appreciate all the hard work you all put in at the Chamber. I look forward to the visit every year and I love it when I can bring along someone new to fall in love with it.