50th Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction

The 50th Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction is on tap for March 15 and 16 at Forks High School.  For those who don’t know, this is THE event of the year.

Airwaves in Forks will be tuned to the high school that weekend.  Hundreds of donated items will be offered up for bid to those with their ears tuned to 96.7 radio  and their computers on www.searchforks.com/qvsa over the weekend.  Home crafted items, art work, delicious edibles, pledges and labor, anything with a monetary value will be brought to the school to be offered for sale with proceeds tagged for scholarships.  Over one million dollars has been raised for this worthy cause in the last 50 years in Forks.

Competition exists each year between classes to see who will raise the most money.  The winners are the students who participated and who were able to use scholarship monies for further schooling.  Any graduate of a Forks high school is eligible to access that money.    

Food will be served all weekend at the event so all are invited to come and spend part or all of Saturday and Sunday at the High School Commons.  It’s fun and will benefit Forks students.

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