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Is Charlie Swan Moving?

February 20th, 2014 by Lissy Andros

Swan House

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

Well at first glance it looks like it could be true.  What we know as the “Home of the Swans” has a for sale sign in front of it.  The gracious homeowners that let us put their home on the Twilight tour are moving and now are hoping that somebody will buy the house and love it as much as them and the thousands of fans that have posed in front* of it.  Those fans imagine Bella upstairs, with Edward not too far away.  And possibly Jacob patrolling nearby, watching out for Bella too. 

Therefore maybe the new owners will let the “Home of the Swans” sign reside once again out front, for all to enjoy.  Or maybe someone will buy it and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast, similar to the Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn).  So while it might appear that the Swan family is moving, in our hearts they will always be the ones that reside on K Street.

For more information

*Fans have always been welcome to take pictures from the street and the homeowners and the Forks Chamber of Commerce appreciate their cooperation.

“How do I get to Forks, Washington once I arrive at Sea-Tac?”

December 12th, 2012 by Lissy Andros

Lake Crescent


“How do I get to Forks, Washington once I arrive at Sea-Tac?” is one of the most common questions we get when people contact the Forks Visitor Information Center.

Forks is about 3.5 hours from Sea-Tac International Airport.  And there are many ways and routes to get from Sea-Tac to Forks.  With some planning, it is very easy to take advantage of the commuter flights and bus service.  I recommend flying into Sea-Tac as early as possible, preferably before noon.  This gives you time to catch the flight or bus and arrive in Port Angeles, and still get to Forks by early evening.

Once you arrive in Port Angeles, there are a few “Twilight” spots to check out like Bella Italia (where Edward and Bella had their first date), the movie theater and the book store – all featured in the books.  You will then travel the 56 miles to Forks where you will see the beauty of Lake Crescent while traveling through the Olympic National Park and Forest.

If you fly Kenmore Air from Sea-Tac to Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles, this is what you can expect:

When you purchase your ticket, make sure that you let them know you will need the shuttle service (no additional charge) to Boeing Field.   After you get your baggage, you will depart from Door 00 on the bottom floor and it is very easy to find.  You will take the shuttle bus from Sea-Tac to Boeing Field where you will depart for Port Angeles.  On a clear day, there is a spectacular view of downtown Seattle, including the Space Needle.

When you arrive in Port Angeles, you can rent a car at the airport or take Clallam Transit* to Forks.  Private flights to Forks Municipal Airport are another option.

If you take the Dungeness Line bus service from Sea-Tac to downtown Port Angeles, this is what you can expect:

You will depart from Door 00, the route takes you over the Kingston/Edmonds Ferry, and since it is a bus service, they don’t make you wait in line.  You will get to enjoy a ferry ride and the beautiful countryside.  And if you are afraid of flying on small planes, this is a great choice.  The 12:50pm route usually arrives in Port Angeles at 4:35pm.

When you arrive in Port Angeles, you can rent a car downtown (at the Olympic Bus Lines office, home of the Dungeness Line) or take Clallam Transit to Forks.

Budget Car Rental – There is an office in Port Angeles that is locally owned by the Olympic Bus Lines so make sure that if you rent a car, you call them, and not the nationwide number.  They have rental offices in downtown Port Angeles and at the airport.  Their phone number is 360-417-0700 or 800-457-4492.

Clallam Transit – This is public transit and operates limited hours.  *The bus does not go to the airport unless you request it prior to your arrival.

Bella Italia, Dungeness Line and Kenmore Air are members of the Forks Chamber of Commerce.

If you rent a car at SeaTac and drive to Forks:

I recommend taking the Tacoma Narrows route from Sea-Tac to Forks.  This takes you I5 South  to 16W to 3N, then turn left and go over the Hood Canal Bridge on 104W, then take 101N and stay on that until you get to Port Angeles, where you will turn left (follow sign to Forks), then you will stay on 101 until you reach Forks.

These directions can be downloaded on Google Maps.

Have other questions?  Feel free to contact us at

Thanks and happy traveling!

The Great Forks Fire

September 19th, 2011 by contributor

newspaper article

Sixty years ago today a few hot spots remained from a forest fire near Camp Creek.  On September 20, 1951, the humidity dropped and a strong east wind gave life to those remaining embers.  Around 3:00 am on September 20, 1951 a forest fire began its devastating journey down the Calawah River Valley and the citizens of Forks awoke to a rapidly moving fire, headed right for them.  The fire burned 38,000 acres overnight and traveled 18 miles in less than 8 hours, and a desperate effort to save the town began.

Marge Walhgren, a mother of 2 small children, had learned from her mother that there was a forest fire burning.  She recalls going outside that morning and the eeriness of the dark sky during daylight hours.  She says she thought it was raining at first and then she realized it was not rain hitting her face, it was bits of bark, ash and needles falling like rain.  Preparing for possible evacuation she washed diapers and set out her “valuables” to take, her silverware, on the dining room table.  At around 2:15 that afternoon the State Patrol ordered evacuation of women and children.  Volunteers coming in to help fight the fire reported a steady stream of evacuees throughout the day but those remaining had about 15 minutes to pack up and leave before the highway to Port Angeles was cut off.  Wahlgren grabbed the children and the diapers but in the rush totally forgot about her “valuables” her silverware.  Walhgren’s father had just completed building a 40 ft fishing trawler, it sat a block off of main street, he and Walhlgren’s husband Richard stayed behind to save what they could, mainly the trawler.  Walhgren made it to Port Angeles and she remembers the most frustrating thing was trying to get information about what was happening in Forks.  There were rumors that “there was nothing left” “the town is gone”.

When the fire had burned to where Ron’s Food Mart is today, it looked like a losing battle, one witness said houses were exploding like matches.  Then sometime after 6 pm, a southwest breeze sprang up, in a matter of minutes the fire rolled back on itself.  While the danger was not over the town was spared.  Around 38 structures were lost but there was no loss of life. After the fire a state forestry supervisor said, “The saving of Forks was a miracle, made up of hard work, guts and luck.”

Images of America “Forks”

August 18th, 2011 by brad


The Forks Timber Museum is home to local artifacts, displays and a fantastic collection of  photos.  Many of these photos have been compiled in to an Images Of America series book.  From the arrival of the Ford family in 1878 to the arrival of Twilight fans more recently, the story of our hardy little community is told in photos and captions.  Early settlers endured the elements and isolation and many of their descendants still call Forks home.  The book is available at Forks True Value and Chinook Pharmacy and many other Forks businesses.
The book can be purchased and shipped from Chinook Pharmacy, call them at 360-374-5030 for details.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

July 22nd, 2010 by contributor

parkingJust like the Joni Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi” a vacant lot on Main Street in Forks was recently paved, striped and turned in to a parking lot. Forks has never had a surplus of parking spots and with all the Twilight fans in town it has become impossible to find a parking spot. This much needed addition will hopefully make it easier for fans and residents of Forks to take care of business! The new parking lot has a self pay station and uses the honor system.

ESPN Interviews Forks’ Student Athletes

June 23rd, 2010 by contributor

espnWhat do Forks Spartans student athletes want rival players and Twilight fans to know? They are Spartans not vampires or werewolves. ESPN’s Jim Caple recently visited FHS and interviewed a handful of students and athletic director Kevin Rupprecht. While students are not so happy with their new nicknames, Twilight fans have had a positive effect on the amount of money in the athletic department’s budget, through their purchase of Spartan Gear. Thanks to the extra funds there have been no cut backs. Go Spartans!

Forks Skatepark Makes Top 10

June 5th, 2010 by contributor

2012011945_nwwskateparks03The Seattle Times has rated the top 10 western Washington skateboard parks and Forks’ Tillicum Park facility has been ranked number 8! Features include beautiful mosaic tile work in the bowl, a free-floating quarter pipe and brick banks. The skatepark was built by Grindline and a whole lot of community involvement.

Twilight Firewood

April 29th, 2010 by contributor

twilight firewood

We’ve held off on commenting about the local Twilight Firewood stand for quite a while now, but we just can’t resist. We think it’s hilarious! It kind of takes things to a whole new level. And the sharp-looking stand is certainly an attention getter. Although the small print says to burn the “LaPush bundles” to “keep the evil vampires away,” we suspect simply throwing pieces of firewood at them would be just as effective. Stock up now!

Mary Clark’s Daffodils

April 15th, 2010 by contributor

mary clark's field

Flowers at Mary (Schutz) Clark’s old homesite are a sure sign that spring is really here in the Forks area. Although there isn’t much left of her former ranch, these daffodils continue to bloom, hinting of a time when flower gardens likely surrounded the Clark home.

mary clark flowers

Jasper Forks Video

March 26th, 2010 by contributor

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you’re missing out! It’s based on a house remix of South Korean pianist/composer Yiruma’s River Flows in You, but what got our attention (of course . . .) is the professionally filmed footage of Forks and the West End. Wow! Director Mark Feuerstake clearly knows how to capture that eery forest feeling. We suspect that he–like most of the German visitors we see here in Forks–knows from personal experience what real forests are like. Nicely done!

Commuting in Forks

March 7th, 2010 by contributor

elk on highway

We see this small herd of elk just about every morning on our way to work. Having endured urban commutes for a number of years, it’s hard to complain too much about our typical Forks commute–you often see more elk than traffic!

AIDS Quilt Comes to Forks

February 27th, 2010 by contributor

aids memorial quilt in washington dcA large section (20 blocks) of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display in Forks from March 1-6, 2010. The display is located at the Forks High School Auxiliary Gym, 261 South Spartan Avenue. The goal of the AIDS Quilt project is to provide a creative means for remembrance and healing, to effectively illustrate the enormity of the AIDS pandemic, to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS throughout the general public, to assist others in providing education on the prevention of HIV infection, and to raise funds for community-based AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s). Volunteers are needed to help with the quilt display–please contact the Forks Chamber of Commerce today at 360-374-2531 (or toll-free at 1-800-443-6757) or by email to get further information about how you can participate.

Pioneers’ Path Photo Gallery

February 4th, 2010 by contributor

pioneers--path-trailThis little trail has something for everyone!

  • Wide, level and only about 0.3 mile long
  • Located in Klahowya Campground–right off US Highway 101 at about milepost 212–convenient place for a quick break
  • Borders scenic Sol Duc River–winds through old homestead site
  • Crosses historic Snider-Jackson trail
  • Interesting and informative interpretive signs along the way

Our photo gallery slideshow takes you on a quick tour around this fun loop trail.

Trail Moving West

January 8th, 2010 by contributor

Trail moving west

It’s encouraging to see that the West End now has a paved 6-mile section of the Olympic Discovery Trail in place. Although it’s still “closed for construction,” this first-class section of trail extends through the forest from the Camp David Jr. Road end of the Spruce Railroad Trail, on Lake Crescent, to the top of Fairholm Hill. The Olympic Discovery Trail itself will eventually go the entire 100-mile distance from Port Townsend, through Sequim, Port Angeles, Joyce, Forks and LaPush, to the Pacific Ocean.

My Boyfriend is Really Old . . .

January 4th, 2010 by contributor

Well, we thought this video was pretty funny. It’s a parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ hit song, Empire State of Mind, with all kinds of clever Twilight and Forks rhymes and references thrown in. There’s even a cameo from Cousin Itt in there. . . . It’s just for fun–check it out! (May not be appropriate for all viewers.)


Yeah, I love Edward
No longer Jacob Black
And hes my biggest hero
And I’ll be his forever
I’m his newest lover
And since I love it here
I ain’t going anywhere
Yeah, I’m gonna stay here
All the sexy vampires
Make me feel right at home
We like to hang out all day
Brought me to that McDonalds
Took it to the kissing spot
560 State Street
You can catch me in the kitchen kissing face thats so pasty
Cruising down 8th Street
In a silver Volvo
Driving so fast
My heartbeat is gonna plateau
Ed is my number one
Hes extremely dreamy
Now I live in Washington
You ain’t gonna see me
Say what up to Carlisle
Man, hes so versatile
Edward is mine
All others are cast aside
O man, I’m so in love
It cant get any better
Tell by my heartbeat, that the only place to be is

Is Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

Catch me in a field with Cullens playing a ball game
They made pale more famous than an albino kid can
You should know I bleed though, but I aint got bit though
But I got a gang of pires walking with my clique though
Edward Cullen is so hot
This is true more often than not
Jake doesnt come close to it
Edward is the sure shot
Baseball bat, pire bat, mitzvah bat, Jacob Black
Seems to me that all of the actors in this movie probably forgot how to act
One true Jacob, out there and hes shirtless
Girlies are all whirly, staring at his manly chest
Me, I got my bud, special Ed, I got it made
If you paid me a million bucks, I wouldnt trade him away
Blow me kisses
Blow kisses back at you
I love you, Edward, rest in peace Dracula
This aint Transylvania, no more Van Helsing
Long live vamps yo
Im from the best place that is

Is Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

Skin is blinding
Girls need blinders
So they can step outside with Edward
His skin gets all dazzley
And it makes me all razzley, and gradually become worse
Please catch my apple E
Caught up in the in town
With your crooked smile
And the winter gets cold but not as cold as your skin though
Your sparkly skin is a witty new sin
Team Jacob vs. Edward, Edwards gonna win
Edward dont you bite me, cause you know Ill bleed out
Everybody wants me, but not like brussel sprouts
Pale Edward is the king of Forks, Washington
And Jacob cant touch me, life starts when Im bit on
Came here from Phoenix, now Edward is my life
Werewolves and vampires, addicted to my limelight
Edward Cullens got me feeling like a champion
Our hearts never sleep better slip us an Ambien

In Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

One hand in the air for the small city
Edward, my team is looking all pretty
No one else in the world could compare
Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah
Come on, come, yeah

Its Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks


December 22nd, 2009 by contributor

zigs-tryouts-3-girlsLooks like just about everyone in Forks showed up for the casting call for the planned Forks reality TV show. (We’re up in Canada, so we missed all of the action!) Check out the coverage at the Forks Forum site and in today’s Peninsula Daily News. We’re assuming they’re not talking about the “real” Forks that we know, so we’re curious what, exactly, is planned. Anyone have suggestions for Zig Gauthier, the Santa Monica, California, based television producer behind the project?