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Good Tines in Forks

December 6th, 2009 by contributor

costco 3

Guess who’s featured in the December Costco Connection magazine? Yup. It’s Forks! The article, written by Stephanie E. Ponder, is actually very nicely done–thanks! Among other things, we like how they say whether the people they interview are Costco members. Maybe we should mention that Costco is a Forks Chamber of Commerce member. And it looks like someone at Costco enjoys puns. Good tines indeed! We appreciate the effort!

Fans Flood Forks

November 21st, 2009 by contributor

with-love-fnlOur high winds, drenching rains and seasonal darkness only appear to encourage the hardcore fans that continue to flock to Forks, LaPush and the West End. They’re not called Twihards for nothing! This article, written by Tom Callis, from today’s Peninsula Daily News, does a fine job of hitting the local highlights from the weekend. It even quotes Mike Gurling, our Visitor Center Manager, who shares, among other things, the fact that our website,, received 54,841 “hits” on Friday alone. Wow! All in all, it sounds like there was quite an array of activities to keep people interested over the weekend. Okay, we’ve got to admit we’re a little unclear on the relationship between belly dancing and Twilight, but, in any case, it sounds like everyone had a blast on this blustery New Moon movie release weekend!

It’s Showtime!

November 17th, 2009 by contributor

marcia interviewed by showtime 12-11-09 4 2Twilight is coming to Showtime next month! And just to keep it real, they stopped by Forks last week to shoot some special local footage to go along with the film when it opens January 23rd at 8:00 pm. This photo shows Forks Chamber Director Marcia Bingham being interviewed by the Showtime crew at our Visitor Center. Sorry about the rain, guys–hope your visit was okay otherwise!

1000% Increase in Tourism!

November 17th, 2009 by contributor

the-twilight-saga-new-moo-002This article from the UK Mail attributes a 1000% increase in tourism here in Forks to Robert Pattinson. Thanks Rob!! We hadn’t really thought of it that way before. . . . The article does a nice job of covering some of the local attractions, mentioning Ruby Beach and the Hoh Rainforest. Cheers to the Mail for the great article and for helping us spread the word about Forks. If you really want to see the dark, rainy, authentic Forks, now is the perfect time to visit!

MSN Twilight Videos

November 13th, 2009 by contributor

msn videoWow!  We’re speechless after checking out these brand-new MSN Twilight videos (you may have to install MS Silverlight to view the videos).  For the most part, they were shot by the MSN crew while they were here in Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day on Bella’s Birthday.

The video featured above, Twilight: Land of Legends, presents an interesting perspective of Forks and LaPush.  Where the heck did they get some of that creepy footage?  Like those girls standing in that dark alley?  Or that huge pile of tires at Gilmore’s?  Seriously, these are truly impressive and very well-done–you have to see them all!  Thanks MSN!

Forks Becoming Twilight Mecca

November 10th, 2009 by contributor

We saw this video from the Today Show earlier today on KING-5 TV, our local NBC affiliate, and wanted to share it.  It ran on the Today Show and we’re assuming it’s going to be on the local evening news tonight, but if you don’t see it there, you can check it out right here!  Thanks again to Lee Cowan and the Today Show for visiting our neck of the woods and for featuring Forks and the West End.

The Globe and Mail Features Forks

November 1st, 2009 by contributor

t-twilight31tr88.jpgThanks to writer Candice Vallantin and the Toronto-based Globe and Mail for this special Halloween feature about Forks. We’re well-aware that Canada is home to hordes of Twilight fans–many of whom have already made the trek to Forks, WA. And no wonder, since we’re only a 56 mi/90 km drive from Victoria, BC (via ferry). We enjoyed the article and appreciate the attention we’re getting in Canada!

Forks Featured in Seattle Times

October 25th, 2009 by contributor

Hey, there’s another feature on Forks and the Twilight phenomena in today’s Seattle Times. The article attempts to weigh the pros and cons when a major pop phenomena involving vampires and werewolves happens in a small logging town–and it includes this fun video. We’re not exactly sure what the down-side of having lots of fun-loving, happy visitors to our community might be. Anyway, we’re loving it!

Online Museum Features Forks & West End

October 15th, 2009 by contributor

fall-meadow-in-olympic-national-park-photo-courtesy-of-olympic-national-parkThe Olympic Peninsula Community Museum never ceases to amaze us. This colorful photograph of beautiful fall foliage in the Olympics, which is part of the Olympic National Park Flora collection, is just one small example of what you’ll find there. The online museum is organized into fascinating exhibits — each representing a different aspect of our richly diverse West End culture and history. While there are just too many worthwhile exhibits to mention, we particularly enjoyed learning more about the Mountaineers’ 1920 Outing to Mt. Olympus (what hardcores!); Fannie Taylor, Postmistress of Mora; and the Great Forks Fire of 1951. The archived images of Hoh Tribe Baskets and Artifacts also caught our eye. And that’s barely scratching the surface of what’s available at this interesting resource!

New Photo Galleries!

October 12th, 2009 by contributor

meyer-signs-girls-20We’re pleased to announce the return of our “new and improved” photo galleries! The Chamber minions have been toiling mightily to set up new galleries with tons of new Forks and West End photos. We’re not done yet, but feel free to take a peek! We’ve split the galleries into two main sections, cleverly titled the Forks Photo Gallery and the Twilight Photo Gallery. Each leads to further galleries, so check ‘em out! And if you’ve got some cool photos of our area you’re willing to share, please email them to us for possible inclusion in our Visitors’ Photos gallery. Enjoy!

Forks Featured in NY Times Travel

September 24th, 2009 by contributor

nice-fangs-2We got a kick out of this article about Forks in New York Times Travel. While the first impression of the article from everyone in town is likely to be “hey, it’s really not a two-stoplight town–it’s a one-stoplight town,” lol overall, Jane Margolies does a fine job of capturing the fun of Stephenie Meyer Day and the story of the Twilight frenzy here in Forks. We also enjoyed the slide show of nicely done local photos by Stuart Isett. Articles like this tend to make obvious the fact that Forks isn’t a secret any longer–but fall is a perfect time to visit without a lot of hoopla and Forks, LaPush and the West End continue to welcome all visitors. C’mon up and check us out!

Twilight Tour 2009 Video

August 21st, 2009 by contributor

twlight-trip-2009This video/slide-show, created by a recent visitor from Kansas, does an outstanding job of highlighting the places to see and things to do in our area when you visit. We’re glad you had so much fun out here in Forks, LaPush and the West End. Thanks for the well-done video, Kimi!

Is it Safe to Go Camping?

August 7th, 2009 by contributor

forks-chamber-visitor-center-300x194Forks continues to be “front and center” in the area of Twilight tourism! Thanks to Paige Dickerson and the Peninsula Daily News for another great article describing this incredible phenomena and its impact on Forks, LaPush and the West End. Despite our popularity, our community continues to wholeheartedly welcome Twilighters, along with all visitors. Come check out what everyone is talking about about! [We're still wondering what the answer is to the question about whether it's safe to camp with the "vampire problem" we have out here . . .confused]

Twilight Trip to Forks Video

May 1st, 2009 by contributor

twilight-trip-to-forksWe’re really impressed with this YouTube video, Twilight Trip to Forks, Washington. It’s well photographed and put together. We think it does a fine job of capturing the fun and excitement of a trip to Forks and the West End.
Sorry it wasn’t overcast and raining when you were here. Maybe next time!

Twilight Geocaching

April 17th, 2009 by contributor

3x3sticker_144-3Can’t decide how to spend your time in Forks–Geocaching or Twilighting? You know who you are! Here’s the perfect solution: Forks’ newest Geocache has a Twilight theme!! If you’re not familiar with Geocaching, it’s basically a worldwide hide-and-seek game played with GPS receivers. It’s easy (and free) to get started with Geocaching.
This particular cache takes you on a tour of local Twilight hot-spots–gathering clues along the way that lead to the final cache. We haven’t tried the cache yet, but it looks like it will be lots o’ fun. (We’re waiting for it to be even rainier before we try it . . . .) If you do the cache–especially if you’re new to caching–remember to leave the cache in better condition than you find it–watch for muggles, re-hide well and trade up. TFTC Blue Power Ranger!

Burke Museum Comes to Forks

April 17th, 2009 by contributor

photo-ok-fossils-lummi_lowres-300x194Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, a Washington State museum, is bringing a taste of its exhibit and educational programs to Forks this spring. In this photo, students at the Lummi Nation School look like they enjoy handling real fossils and rock specimens from the Burke’s collections during a recent “Burkemobile” visit.

From March 28 – June 7, a Burke traveling exhibit called Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story is on view at the Peninsula College Forks Extension Site. In Fast Moving Water, nature photographer Keith Lazelle has captured the dramatic beauty of the Hoh River, one of the few virtually intact and pristine rivers in the contiguous United States. A conservation success story, the Hoh River flows naturally over 50 miles from its source in the Olympic Mountains into its estuary at the Pacific Ocean. The Forks Timber Museum has worked with Peninsula College to bring this exhibit to Forks. There is no charge to visit the exhibit.
photo-ok-ecosystem-display_lowres-300x225In addition to bringing Fast Moving Water to Forks, the Burke Museum is sending educators into local schools from May 5-7. As part of a new outreach program known as Burkemobile, educators from the Burke Museum have visited schools around the state teaching lessons on fossils, ecology, and Native cultures. During the three-day visit to Forks in May, Burke educators will connect with 500 students at Forks Elementary and Middle Schools. As one Forks teacher wrote, “Our teachers are really excited about having some ‘experts’ visiting.”
Burke Museum Environmental Educator Tim Stetter says, “Burkemobile serves a real need throughout the state for quality science and cultural education programs that go to the classroom. As schools face increasing barriers to field trips, we’re there to bring a museum experience to their students. Just like the students who come to the museum, these kids can’t believe they’re holding a real fossil or examining a real Monarch butterfly. There’s a magic moment waiting for them.”
Hoh River TrustStudents will be encouraged to visit Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story with their families to learn more about this unique local ecosystem.
“As the Washington State museum, we take our mission to serve the needs of the entire state very seriously,” says Burke Museum Director Dr. Julie Stein. “I am very proud that the Burke can bring high-quality museum exhibits and educational programs to all the corners of the state.”
Information and photographs courtesy of the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Thanks for coming to Forks!