Doppler Radar Funded

doppler_radarWe’re about to get the same weather technology here on the West End of the Olympic Peninsula that just about everybody else takes for granted–Doppler radar! This is a big deal for mariners and outdoorsmen, who rely on accurate weather information for their survival. Up until now, the Olympic Mountains basically blocked the radar from Seattle, making it difficult to forecast our coastal weather.

According to a press release from Senator Maria Cantwell, our state has received full funding ($7 million on top of $2 million previously received) for this long-awaited project. The funding is part of the 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act signed into law by President Obama last week. The new radar system will be able to track storms over 100 miles off our coast, which should greatly improve the National Weather Service’s ability to forecast weather coming in off of the ocean. It sounds like the plan is to build it in Grays Harbor County and have it up and running by 2012. This is a major step forward in the areas of public safety and accurate weather forecasting in our area. Thanks to Senator Cantwell and everyone else who helped to make it happen.

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