AIDS Quilt Comes to Forks

aids memorial quilt in washington dcA large section (20 blocks) of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display in Forks from March 1-6, 2010. The display is located at the Forks High School Auxiliary Gym, 261 South Spartan Avenue. The goal of the AIDS Quilt project is to provide a creative means for remembrance and healing, to effectively illustrate the enormity of the AIDS pandemic, to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS throughout the general public, to assist others in providing education on the prevention of HIV infection, and to raise funds for community-based AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s). Volunteers are needed to help with the quilt display–please contact the Forks Chamber of Commerce today at 360-374-2531 (or toll-free at 1-800-443-6757) or by email to get further information about how you can participate.

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