Hummingbird Chronicle

Recently The Forks Elks Lodge on Merchant Road became the host of a little family, a very little family, and they were a happy bunch, always humming. Well, they were Hummingbirds.

mama hummer

Elks Lodge employee Chrystal King noticed the little nest in one of the Japanese Maple trees out in front of the Lodge and began documenting the blessed event with pictures.

On June 16th the eggs hatched and the two little birds began to grow.mama hummer babies

On July 7th, the baby birds were overflowing the tiny nest, their fully feathered bodies were ready and they took flight.

From Emily Dickinson, Within my Garden, Rides a Bird

He never stops, but slackens
Above the Ripest Rose —
Partakes without alighting
And praises as he goes……mama hummer bigger


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