Breaking Dawn Part 2 Released!

“With the theater release of “Breaking Dawn Pt. 2,” enthusiasm for the Cullen/Black families’ saga has been rekindled and visitors are eager to discuss the last exciting movie.  Since there is a surprise for fans who have read the books, we are careful not to spill the beans and spoil it for them.  This action packed movie is probably the best one of the series and we encourage everyone to schedule a movie date and enjoy, and then come back and discuss it with us at the Visitor Information Center.”

to “Breaking Dawn Part 2 Released!”

  1. Erica Strang says:

    I enjoyed the final movie. The pace was really good and although I am sad that the movies are now complete, this one was a fun ride the whole way through!!

    And of course, the things that really influence my opinions on movies is the soundtrack and the attention to backgrounds and settings. This is my second favorite soundtrack from the movies (Eclipse is still my favorite!).

    The only unfortunate thing is that all the shots of mountains and tall trees and everything just makes me sad that it’s been over a year since my last trip to Forks. Although my home is all the way in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this movie has made me homesick for my favorite vacation spot, Forks, WA.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Watched BD #2 and it was awesome! I hope to visit Washington someday and especially your area. Not really because of the books or movies, but because of the breathtaking scenery. I have viewed the webcam links on this site many times and each time I feel closer to the area. When viewing the Fist Beach cam, I can almost hear the waves and feel the mist. Hurricane Ridge has views that are unbeleavable by way of the webcam, I can not wait to see the view in person. Excellent job to everyone involved in the website.

    Jennifer in Kentucky

    • Erica Strang says:

      I’ve been to Forks and the rest of the penninsula twice now. If you want amazing views, don’t forget to spend some time on the trails through the Hoh Rainforest and to visit Lake Crescent! I have to admit part of my keen interest on visiting the area the first time was not only Twilight-inspired, but also because I wanted to visit a real, live rainforest without having to leave the country/go to the tropics. The trails are amazing because on the one trail you have the Hall of Mosses which has these insanely old growth trees and it’s so hot and humid there, that it’s really hard to believe that taking a second trail down to the Hoh riverbed brings you to an ice-cold’s glacially-fed, hence the temperature. But so many extremes within a short walk of each other is simply amazing!

      When you do finally make your trip to Forks, make sure you allow plenty of time to take in all the sites! I tried to do new things on each of my trips, and there’s still a lot of things I want to see that I didn’t get to see/do on either of my other trips! (I still want to go on the logging tour. I learned things about the logging industry at the Lumber Museum that I was able to share with my friends and family back home.)

      May you have a great journey when you finally take the trip to Forks, Washington!

      I too enjoy looking at all the webcams. I really get a sense of looking “home”…even though my real home is here on the east coast.

      Erica in Pennsylvania

      P.S. If you can choose anytime to visit the area, I suggest around the weekend when the town celebrates “Bella’s Birthday”…i.e. September 13th. Not only do a whole bunch of Twilight fans of every age descend upon the town, but it seems like everyone in town gets into the celebration spirit and has all sorts of special Twilight-themed events!

      Happy Travelling! 🙂

  3. Kim Rich says:

    I look forward to visiting Forks possibly in the next year and would like to eventually relocate in the area. I admit that my interest was sparked by the Twilight Saga (I am a serious Twilight fan) but I also have a friend that is from the Seattle area. The area is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it in person! The final movie was awesome but I am sad it is done. They really tied all the movies together well and ended it well.