Twication: The Twilight Saga Travel Experience

Authors Christine Lundberg, Maria Lexhagen and Sigrid Mattsson of Sweden recently published Twication:  The Twilight Saga Travel Experience.  The trio contacted us from Sweden and came to Forks to complete their case study on the effect of the Twilight phenomenon.  (Copy of their book is on display at the Forks Visitor Center.)  We appreciate their fair and accurate depiction of life in Forks after Twilight and we are very grateful for the international fame we have acquired thanks to Stephenie Meyer and these researchers from Mid Sweden University.

to “Twication: The Twilight Saga Travel Experience”

  1. Jen G. says:

    Hi. I have been patiently waiting to see pictures of the new Forks High School since the old one was torn down. I have read every post since you last mentioned the construction of the HS and haven’t seen anything. Will you please post some new photos? Thanks!

  2. bharti sharma says:

    i like twilight