Male fans love Twilight!

More male fans are acknowledging their interest in the Twilight saga these days, and perhaps the most devoted is Rob Bair from Cleveland, Ohio who came to Forks a few weeks ago clad in classic Volturi attire and spent the better part of 2 weeks enjoying our overcast weather and vampire atmosphere.  If you missed seeing him on his first visit, he vowed he will be back, and he’s hard to miss in his red contacts and formal “morning coat.”  A true devotee, Rob is able to “talk Twilight” all day long!

to “Male fans love Twilight!”

  1. Patricia Lewis says:

    I love it! We will be holding our 4th Annual OlderWomanGroup Convention in Forks again this year. Would love to have Ron attend our Charity function July 27,2013. We will be in Forks from July 25-30,2013. Let me know!
    Your friend in Twilight