“Hello from Chicago”

“Hello from Chicago! 

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you ALL (especially Marcia and Lissy!!!) a very big THANK YOU! My niece and I visited Forks for the first time in September of 2012 for the Stephenie Meyer Day Weekend and we had an absolutely amazing time! It was so wonderful that even now in January I am still trying to process it all.  

I am so grateful to have met your fabulous team and have gotten so much information before and during our trip.  We were able to see and do so many things that I am speechless.  It was only possible due to your assistance, the information you provided and the constant contact your office had with me each time I sent an email or called with a question.  I always received a quick and courteous response for which I am extremely grateful.  This was the first big trip I have ever planned for myself and it went so well!  My niece and I had such an amazing time that we did not want to leave!  Not only did we visit the Timber Museum, experienced West End Thunder, the Quileute Reservation and sat in on a drum circle, but we also took the Hall of Mosses hike in the Hoh Rain Forest, drove up to the Makah Territory, visited the Makah Museum and hiked up to Cape Flattery where we were able to take really great pictures.  We visited First Beach and Rialto Beach numerous times on our trip and even got pictures at “Hole In the Wall”! We also were able to get a Twilight/Forks tour from Randy who I absolutely fell in love with! He is so down to earth, funny and he really knows his stuff.  All in all I could not have had a better experience! 

I check the First Beach Webcam daily as well as the Forks and Quileute websites and dream of returning to the area that has stolen my heart!  Not only is the area picturesque but the people of Forks, Washington are so helpful, courteous, amazing and friendly.  It was nice to be able to travel to such a beautiful area with so many wonderful sites to see, hiking trails to explore and now new friends to keep in touch with.   Charlene and her team did an amazing job with the entire Stephenie Meyer Day Weekend Festivities.  I was really impressed and had so much fun.  It is truly an even that every TwiHard should experience at least once in their lifetime! 

I am glad to say that I am already looking forward to going back in September of this year (jumping in my seat with excitement right now!)!!! As soon as we landed and my hubby picked me up from the airport I hugged him and my four sons.  I looked at them and said “Can I go back next year?!” LOL! I hope to take some of my friends with me who are also moms, Twilight fans and can use a little get away.  The year after that I plan on taking the trip with my husband! Yes, when I find something I like I tend to stick to it! I am extremely loyal to the things/people that I love.  And I definitely LOVE Forks! I hope to one year see the town in its Winter Glory!!! Thank you so much for everything! All of the information that Lissy provided to me before the trip was extremely useful and we had everything planned out well ahead of time.  When we got there Marcia gave us some additional tips/info and we put that too good use too and tasted some excellent food because of her suggestion.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming and did not consider me or my niece nuts at all! LOL! 

I hope to keep in touch throughout the year and keep you all updated as to my return because you know I will be coming in to say Hello and take more pictures with you all! In the meantime please feel free to let me know if any of your team will be in the Chicago area as I would love to show you around my hometown! Thanks again…a million times thank you!!!! 

Kathryn R.

Chicago, Illinois”

This was a very nice letter we received from Kathy in Chicago.  She was a delight and we can’t wait for her to visit again!  And thank YOU for such an amazing letter!  Lissy  and Kathryn are pictured below (at the Forks Visitor Information Center).

Lissy and Kathy

to ““Hello from Chicago””

  1. Kristin Hammers says:

    Hello from Kentucky! I loved reading this ‘thank-you’ letter. It is my dream to visit this area someday and experience all its beauty. If my trip is half as wonderful as Kathryn’s, I think I’m in luck. Thank you for sharing.


    • Kathy says:

      Hello Kristin!

      I really do hope and pray that you get to make it to Forks SOON! It is definitely a trip worth saving for. I have so many pictures to post (you should check them out when they are up!). It is a TwiHards dream come true! There is so very much to see and do while you are there. Everyone is so friendly and I even found a Latin store where I was able to make some purchases that reminded me of home. I can go on and on! LOL!

      The lovely ladies at the chamber of commerce are worth their weight in gold. They really do offer everyone so much helpful advice, tips and information. If you have any questions just let me know. I’d be happy to answer any and all questions!

      Hope to see you at an SMD event soon!


  2. Spring says:

    I enjoyed reading this letter as it expressed so many of my feelings! I’m from Michigan and visited Forks two years ago. It remains one of my favorite trips ever! I too check out this blog often and the web cams on a regular basis. What a magical place the Forks area is. You never forget a place like that! Can’t wait to return!

    • Kathy says:

      Were you able to check out the First Beach Web Cam today? ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! That is one of my favorite spots in La Push! My niece and I actually took a dip in the water when we went in September and it was AWESOME!!! LOL!

      Yes Forks is truly a magical place and will forever hold a special place in my heart as will many of the town folk who shared laughs and memories with me and my niece.

      I hope to see you at an SMD event soon!


      • Spring says:

        Thanks Kathy! Yes, it’s great to see La Push! Those web cams are great! I also like viewing the ONRC cam since it looks at Forks. I can pretend I’m there again! But it’s a loooooong way from the Midwest…sigh…