Forks High School, from the students’ perspective

New Forks High School entry

Greetings from Forks High School! I’m Liz Sanchez, a teacher here, and the following blog entry (including photos) is from three sophomores: Chase Adams, DJ Souder, and Ismael Greene. They will add to this blog each month, including input from their classmates and teachers. In their first entry they tell about our awesome new building-enjoy!

The Forks High School is a very well spirited place and we have made some recent changes to the school. We have made a new Forks High School and it is a lot bigger than the old Forks High School. The first person we interviewed was the 10th grade science teacher, Mr. Hunter.  He had a couple very interesting things to say. When we asked his likes about the new school, he said “it is good for students and teachers to all be in one building.” Also the new heating system makes the school a lot warmer and also the newer technology they put into the school, like the smart boards or the green room, which is still being worked on.

Forks High School hallway

There weren’t very many dislikes about the new Forks High School.  The only real complaint we had about the new school, is about the courtyard.  Teachers and students think we should be able to go into the courtyard.  They also said that we should put more benches, and stuff like that, out there so there is more places to sit other than stand and walk around.

Forks High School courtyard

The basketball players got new traveling gear. The school feels more safe and the heating is way better than the last school. The kids seem to be learning more. The teachers like all the smart boards. The kids and teachers enjoy all the new technology.


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  1. Dale says:

    I like the new building at the high school! The kids are all wonderful!

  2. Sandy says:

    The new building is wonderful, but it’s the “family” (staff and students) inside its walls that makes it a successful, productive learning environment.
    I agree that the beautiful courtyard should be utilized. Teach the students the expectations of its use, and let them enjoy it. I believe they will take care of it because they will understand the consequences if they don’t. AND the new heating system is great!

  3. Elena says:

    It is very nice to see how things have changed at Forks High since I attended in the 1980’s. The new Forks High School is located right where Spartan Lake used to be.