Forks High School, from the students’ perspective PT. 2


Greetings from Forks High School! I’m Liz Sanchez, a teacher here, and the following blog entry (including photo) is from three sophomores: Chase Adams, DJ Souder, and Ismael Greene. They will add to this blog each month, including input from their classmates and teachers. In this entry they tell about our awesome new green room-enjoy!

Chase and I got together and thought we should make a blog about the green room, and so we went around the school asking people what their thoughts were about the green room.  Mr. Scheibner is the guy who works the green room and we interviewed him first. He said “It’s a great news room, people working with cameras, weather people experience, and eventually will be able to see throughout the whole school.  If you scratch it, just a little, then the paint comes off which isn’t good. We have the right equipment to do the things the school wants to.”  After Mr. Scheibner we asked a couple of students what their opinions were about the green room.

We asked Dimitri Sampson (Meat-Head) what his thoughts were and he said “The green room can help students experience the technology it can provide.  It can spark interests for some students for what they want to do for a career.  I can’t wait till they put the morning announcements through every projector in the school.” 

We asked, teacher, Mr. VanSickle what his thoughts were and he said “I think it opens doors for kids to learn new things.  We have technology that is useful and today’s new technology.  I don’t like how they aren’t using the green room right now but when they do, I think it would be good for both students and teachers.” 

Chase and I asked Mr. Scheibner when are we going to use the green room and he said when the new semester starts we should be able to project the morning announcements through every projector in every class.  Our second semester starts February 2, 2013.


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