Is Charlie Swan Moving?

Swan House

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

Well at first glance it looks like it could be true.  What we know as the “Home of the Swans” has a for sale sign in front of it.  The gracious homeowners that let us put their home on the Twilight tour are moving and now are hoping that somebody will buy the house and love it as much as them and the thousands of fans that have posed in front* of it.  Those fans imagine Bella upstairs, with Edward not too far away.  And possibly Jacob patrolling nearby, watching out for Bella too. 

Therefore maybe the new owners will let the “Home of the Swans” sign reside once again out front, for all to enjoy.  Or maybe someone will buy it and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast, similar to the Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn).  So while it might appear that the Swan family is moving, in our hearts they will always be the ones that reside on K Street.

*Fans have always been welcome to take pictures from the street and the homeowners and the Forks Chamber of Commerce appreciate their cooperation.

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to “Is Charlie Swan Moving?”

  1. Spring says:

    I always enjoy reading about the happenings in Forks! This is interesting! I wish I could walk through an open house!

  2. Cherish says:

    Oh my gosh. I want to buy this house! Seriously.

  3. stephanie says:

    we were just in forks a few weeks ago and went by the “swan” house. we saw the for sale sign and of course took a few photos! the reason we were actually in WA was to house shop! being as i am a HUGE twi fan we also decided to drive the 3 hours to visit forks. sadly i cannot convince my hubby to move to forks! trust me when i say that i tried!! but the house is def. awesome. i only saw the outside. its on a cute little street too. but in all honesty… i dont know if i would want a million fans, even though i am a fan, traipsing all over my yard! the day we went it was 30 degrees outside, no rain! but cold as heck! so we stayed in the car and took pics from there. but i dont know if i would have gotten out and took pics worrying i was disturbing someone. even though i am sure they are used to it by now! but i still dont know if i personally would want a ton of people all over my yard etc. knocking on the door….. so maybe its a good thing the hubby said no on buying in forks. i did maybe convince him of port angeles though! 🙂 good luck to the awesome and most patient home owners and to the new sellers! maybe put a huge fence up and have people pay to check the house out!! just saying! everyone needs to make money. i am sure at this point someone is making a voodoo doll of me! lol. just know that i am probably a bigger fan than you 🙂