3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

July 3, 2018 @ 10:00 am

WHO- Teams of 3-4 players can register. There will be different age brackets (Boys and Girls Divisions)

Ages 8-9

Ages 10-11

Ages 12-14

Ages- High School Division


WHAT- 3 on 3 Half Court Double Elimination Tournament. Each team may contain no less than 3 players and no more than 4 players. If more than 3 players are on a team they can be substituted in during any stoppage of play. SCORING- the first team to 21 points (by 1’s and 2’s) wins (if after 20 minutes there is no winner, then highest score wins)

GAME PLAYThere will be a Court Monitor at each Basket. (HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL PLAYER)

Possessions changes after every basket (NOT make it take it)

All shots from beyond the 3 point line are worth 2 points.

All fouls will result in a Free Throw (all free throw makes are worth 1 point)

Take Backs- on defensive rebound (including air balls) and steal, the ball must be passed or dribbled beyond the arc. The ball does not need to be given to a different player. As long as the ball goes beyond the arc, there are no limitations on who can shoot it.

If the ball is knocked out of bounds or goes across the mid court line it shall be awarded to the opposing team (the team that did not knock it out)

The offensive team must “pass the ball in” before a shot is attempted (make on pass before a shot is taken) on a made basket or knock out of bounds. (Not on a steal or simple change of possession)

WHEN– Tuesday JULY 3rd, 2018

                10 AM (Registration starts at 9 AM)


WHY– Fundraiser for the Forks High Basketball Program