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Additional Evening Party Tickets

VIT Ticket holders are eligible to purchase additional tickets for traveling companions who may not desire a VIT Ticket. Additional Evening Party Tickets may be upgraded to VIT Tickets before July 1st, or while supplies last by contacting Lissy Andros via email.

Please read and acknowledge *

  • All special guests are announced when confirmed, and all contracts include clauses allowing them to cancel if they get film and/or television work. In the rare case of a cancellation we always try to do our best to replace special guests. We cannot refund tickets for event admission based on special guest cancellation.
  • Outside of the Autograph/Photograph Events, photos and selfies with special guests are at their discretion.
  • Autographs by special guests are only allowed at Autograph/Photograph Events.
  • Cosplayers are here for our enjoyment but please remember to respect their personal space.
  • Our security team may remove you from the event and void your ticket, with no refund, if you harass attendees, actors, cosplayers, special guests, festival staff or volunteers.
  • Dogs and other animals/pets are not allowed at any event where food is served, at any indoor event including Forks High School and Rialto Beach to Hole in the Wall. If you have a service animal, please be advised that you are responsible for the animal’s behavior and per the Washington State Human Rights Commission’s guidelines “if an animal exhibits disruptive, poor or unsanitary behavior, it would not be considered a trained service animal, and can be removed.” Please note that this requirement applies to outdoor events where food is being served or is available.
  • Our events and venues are smoke-free environments, which includes the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Must have ID at events to consume alcohol.
  • We strive to present all events on the festival schedule, but some may be subject to change or cancellation due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Our policy does not allow refunds on tickets once purchased.
  • This disclaimer covers all tickets purchased on this sale.


Very Important Twilighters (VITs) will enjoy:

Friday, September 13th
~ FTF Festival Breakfast with The Olympic Coven
~Autograph/Photograph Event with Twilight Saga actors Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Erik Odom (Peter) and
          ~ Exclusive Photo Ops with FTF Cosplayers – The Olympic Coven, ShAro Di Volterra, and The Volterra Coven
          ~ Silent Auction
          ~ Line Dance Lessons
          ~ Fandom Family Photo
~ “Come as Bella (or Beau)” Birthday Party at the Fandom Family Party

Saturday, September 14th
~ FTF Festival Panel hosted by Letters to Twilight featuring Twilight Saga Actors Christopher Heyerdahl, Alex Meraz, and Erik Odom
~ Bella Italia Dinner at Piazza dei Priori
~ “Forks to Volterra” Gala

Sunday, September 15th
~FOREVER Lunch, Silent Auction and Family Farewell Photo

All ages welcome! All beverages included (premium non-alcoholic, beer and wine) at the Friday and Saturday evening parties; FTF Goodie Bag, Commemorative Ticket and VIT Lanyard and downloads for the two group photos for one very nice price of $325.00. 

Only a limited number of VIT Tickets are available while supplies last. Group photos include download code. All tickets including the VIT Ticket, FTF Goodie Bag, FTF Commemorative Ticket and Lanyard will be available for pickup on Thursday, September 12th at 9am at the Forks Visitor Information Center. Must have photo ID that matches invoice when picking up.

Every person receiving a ticket must be present to pickup their VIT or party wristband. If you are unable to wear a wristband please let us know in advance. Nothing will be shipped before or after our event.

Two ways to pay!
~ You can pay in full at time of purchase.
~ You can choose our VIT Ticket payment plan, which is very flexible. At time of purchase choose “pay by check” at checkout and mail in a payment amount of your choice within one week of purchasing. Then make payments of your choice and be paid in full by July 31st (postmarked). U.S. residents only please. Outside of the U.S. attendees wanting to use the payment plan can contact Forks Chamber for more information.

Tickets on sale while supplies last or until July 31st.

Tickets are non-refundable.