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50th Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction

February 27th, 2014 by Marcia Bingham

The 50th Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction is on tap for March 15 and 16 at Forks High School.  For those who don’t know, this is THE event of the year.

Airwaves in Forks will be tuned to the high school that weekend.  Hundreds of donated items will be offered up for bid to those with their ears tuned to 96.7 radio  and their computers on over the weekend.  Home crafted items, art work, delicious edibles, pledges and labor, anything with a monetary value will be brought to the school to be offered for sale with proceeds tagged for scholarships.  Over one million dollars has been raised for this worthy cause in the last 50 years in Forks.

Competition exists each year between classes to see who will raise the most money.  The winners are the students who participated and who were able to use scholarship monies for further schooling.  Any graduate of a Forks high school is eligible to access that money.    

Food will be served all weekend at the event so all are invited to come and spend part or all of Saturday and Sunday at the High School Commons.  It’s fun and will benefit Forks students.

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

February 20th, 2014 by Lissy Andros

Swan House

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

Well at first glance it looks like it could be true.  What we know as the “Home of the Swans” has a for sale sign in front of it.  The gracious homeowners that let us put their home on the Twilight tour are moving and now are hoping that somebody will buy the house and love it as much as them and the thousands of fans that have posed in front* of it.  Those fans imagine Bella upstairs, with Edward not too far away.  And possibly Jacob patrolling nearby, watching out for Bella too. 

Therefore maybe the new owners will let the “Home of the Swans” sign reside once again out front, for all to enjoy.  Or maybe someone will buy it and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast, similar to the Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn).  So while it might appear that the Swan family is moving, in our hearts they will always be the ones that reside on K Street.

For more information

*Fans have always been welcome to take pictures from the street and the homeowners and the Forks Chamber of Commerce appreciate their cooperation.

12th Annual Twinkle Light Parade

December 12th, 2013 by Lissy Andros

Bella's Truck at the Twinkle Light Parade

We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to Anna Rose and Frank Geyer at Eagle Repair & Towing for towing Bella’s truck in the Twinkle Light Parade on Saturday. 

Considering this truck is only driven twice a year, we were thrilled when it actually started.  But we had no luck keeping the “senior citizen” started on Saturday and decorating it was going to be a challenge due to the cold.  And not only did they offer to tow it, they were nice enough to pull it into their shop beforehand so we could decorate it! 

Sadly, we had difficulties with our generator too (stupid string) so the lights didn’t technically “twinkle” but we still got to be in the parade.  It was a short-but-sweet experience and Eagle has offered to tow us again next year.  And considering their truck has a working heater, I think we’ll take them up on it!

The 12th Annual Twinkle Light Parade might be small compared to some other parades but it has a huge following of dedicated townspeople to cheer it on.  And like the inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City that reads:  “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” that too could be said of those that participate in the Twinkle Light Parade.

City of Forks float

Pictured: Councilwoman Juanita Weissenfels and Mayor Bryon Monohon, accompanied by local children.  Photo by Lonnie Archibald.

West End Business & Professional Association Train

Pictured: Train sponsored by West End Business & Professional Association.  Photo by Lonnie Archibald.

Santa's float

Pictured: “Santa” and float, sponsored by JT’s Sweet Stuffs.  Photo by Lonnie Archibald.



A Year in Review

December 31st, 2012 by Lissy Andros

This has been quite a year. We stayed busy here at the Chamber/VIC helping visitors find their way, businesses promote their wares, and the community promote their events. Some of the fun things the Chamber sponsored were the Customer Service Workshop, Coast Guard Appreciation Softball Game, Last Chance Salmon Derby (an event co-sponsored by the Quileute Tribe, City of Forks and the Chamber) and the 18th Annual Wine & Cheese “Hoh Down”. We had the honor of participating in a sunny Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July, the Stephenie Meyer Day celebration, the Fish n Brew and the Twinkle Lights Parade.

The Forks Logging & Mill Tour was very popular this summer and we welcomed back two “seasoned” log tour drivers, Jack Zaccardo and Randy Mesenbrink and two new ones aboard, Joe Seymour and Mike Wendell.

One of the challenges faced this year was the heavy snowfall we received in January. A tree fell on Marcia Bingham’s house and caused her and the Sol Duc River a huge headache. The river was actually closed when it was removed. That doesn’t happen every day!   Mike Gurling left the Chamber in September (as a paid employee anyway) to pursue dreams of traveling with his new lady, Claire. Rianilee Belles, our longtime Sunday employee, relocated to a new city. Merry Parker shortened her hours at the Chamber to take on management of the Teen Center at night. And we welcomed the always smiling Whitney Flagg to our staff. Our summer person, Beth Turner was a great help to us. Susie Michels, our webmaster, worked diligently on the Chamber’s new website. Very loyal volunteers, Willard Morgan and Marcia Yanish are now joined by our new volunteer, Tisha Sliwinski. I have taken on Mike’s administrative duties and love every minute!

The Chamber saw businesses open and close. We welcomed new residents to town, and said goodbye to others. The dry summer put everyone on high fire alert (although it was good for tourism.) And with the start of the rain again, we were heartbroken, along with the rest of the community, when the IOOF Hall that housed Rainforest Arts Center burned down. The empty, burning Dazzled By Twilight store was a sad sight to behold, splashed across websites and newspapers.

From the perspective of the Forks Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center, it was a very good year. Our visitor numbers continued to stay strong, according to the VIC guest register. We were prepared for a slow-down this summer and much to our surprise, we had throngs of first-timers, repeat visitors, and those wishing to live here some day! We are continuing to hear from writers – travel, blog, magazine, you name it. They want us to reveal the magic that is Forks. Maybe they will be lucky enough to come here some day to find out for themselves.

We look forward to a very promising, interesting and busy 2013 and hope you do too!


Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July photos…

August 11th, 2012 by contributor

Check out our online photo albums to see new pictures of this year’s Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July parade.

Thank you to Mike Gurling, Visitor Center Manager, for sharing your pictures! Click on the picture to view the Local Events photo album.


Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July


Bumpy Pumpkins, Oh My!

September 26th, 2011 by contributor

Ajackolanternre you tired of the same old Jack-o-lantern?  Your Halloween been in a rut?  Break out of the norm and treat yourself to a bumpy pumpkin!  These genetically engineered gourds add a little creepiness to your carved creations.

Or they just look good sittin’ around.

Check out the assortment at J & P produce.  One look and you will “Fall” for them!
bumpy pumpkins

1925 Forks High School Removed

June 25th, 2011 by contributor

Forks High School entrance (LEFT PHOTO) – Summer 2010 Forks High School entrance (RIGHT PHOTO) (facade) torn down June 20, 2011

Forks High school is currently being rebuilt where the 1925 building once stood. The 1925 structure had been condemned and had not been in use for two years so most of it was torn down last summer (2010). Last week, the front entrance (facade) was removed to make way for the new structure. The new high school building will be completed by this coming late Fall of 2011.

tear down 7-22-10 webfacade tear down 6-20-11 8 web

Olympic Theater Burned!

September 22nd, 2010 by contributor

The Olympic Theater in Forks burned to the ground in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010. This landmark building was once used to show movies, but has been shuttered and inactive for the past twenty years. Fortunately, buildings on both sides of the structure were spared in thanks to the fire department keeping water sprayed on them.


NBC’s Today Show Visits Forks

November 5th, 2009 by contributor


You know you’re in the big leagues when NBC’s Today Show comes to town! And we just loved this “behind the scenes” shot of Lee Cowan interviewing Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Marcia Bingham next to “Bella’s” truck at our world headquarters in Forks. That little furry thing–er, I mean that powerful, wolf-like creature–at Lee’s feet, is actually Katie, the official Chamber canine greeter! Thanks to Lee Cowan and crew, and to the Today Show, for helping us spread the word about Forks and the West End.

The Great Gas Cap Caper?

January 16th, 2009 by contributor

It’s a mystery keeping most Forks-area residents up at night–what happened to the gas cap on “Bella’s” truck? Yes, we’re talking about the vintage red truck (and popular local photo-op) that’s usually parked at the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center–located just south of Downtown Forks on Forks Avenue (Highway 101). Thanks to Peninsula Daily News reporter Paige Dickerson for her recent news story probing into this community crisis! Anyone with clues or other information about the whereabouts of the missing cap should contact the Chamber immediately at
01/20/09 UPDATE: Whew–crisis averted!! Was that “Twicrimes”? Read the latest here!