The rainiest town in the contiguous U.S.!

Forks is known for many things including timber, sport fishing, hunting, beaches, the National Park and Forest, and Twilight. What makes our area unique is not the things listed above, but rather what comes from above – Forks Washington rain! We get an average of 10 feet each year, giving us the distinction of the rainiest town in the contiguous United States, the leading reason Stephenie Meyer based her Twilight saga novels here. The lowest rainfall recorded in Forks was in 1985 with only 70.25” of rain and the highest was in 1997 with 162”. Here, we fully embrace the rain! We even have people that travel to Forks and get upset when it’s not raining. What other tourist destination in the “lower forty-eight” can say that?

Rainforest rainy hike
Hikers in ponchos at Hall of Mosses in the Hoh Rain Forest

Outdoor Recreation:

Surrounded by rain forest valleys and just minutes from the Pacific Coast, Forks is a friendly little town in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula. Within an hour’s drive you can be hiking or biking a rain forest trail, kayaking a tidal estuary, surfing a wilderness beach, or canoeing glacier carved lakes.  While it may be wet when you visit, that actually ads to the fun and charm of visiting Forks and the temperate rain forest that surrounds us. If you love the calming rain like we do, we suggest visiting October through May. The rainforest is the most beautiful when it’s raining! You will also experience more solitude on the beaches and hiking trails.

John's Beachcombing Museum
John’s Beachcombing Museum

Indoor Activities:

If you’re looking to stay out of the rain, stop by our museums. The Forks Timber Museum houses historical items from our logging heritage along with Native American pieces and artifacts. After visiting John’s Beachcombing Museum, you will never look at the beach the same way again. John has spent over 40 years gathering things found on the beaches here in Washington and coastal areas around the world. Finally, a trip to Forks isn’t complete, without a tour of our Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, a gallery of props and costumes from the “Twilight Saga” movies.

You can also stay out of the rain while exploring our many restaurants and shops. Savor our relaxed atmosphere where folks still chat in grocery lines and stop for pedestrians. Bring a lightweight hooded jacket and a smile…though we get 10 or 12 feet of rain a year, we embrace the rain – no one carries an umbrella! 

Measuring rain in feet
The rain in Forks is measured in feet, not inches.

When to Visit:

Forks is incredible in the summer, with long, warm days, remarkable sunsets and bioluminescent beach nights. However, if you love the calming rain like we do, we suggest visiting October through May. It’s a time of peaceful rains, cozy fires, exciting storm-watching on the coast, and the greenest greens you will ever see, plus far fewer people. Picture yourself walking through a rain forest trail, viewing waterfalls not reachable by car, and relishing the sound of silence except for the raindrops. Then later, imagine sipping a hot chocolate or cinnamon toasty by a roaring fire while enjoying your evening and thinking about tomorrow’s adventure. That’s Forks, WA and we welcome you!


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