Forever Twilight in Forks Collection

View screen-worn costumes and actual props used by your favorite Saga actors at the world’s largest collection of Twilight Saga props and costumes! View costumes and props seen in the five Twilight films including screen-worn Bella, Edward, and Jacob costumes! Snap a pic with Bella’s Graduation Quilt, international Twilight editions, and Chuckesmee! Other featured exhibits include authentic items from Volterra, Italy and LaPush, Washington. Fan-made quilts, unique Forks-centric pieces, and tons of photo-op areas so bring your camera! Open year-round and FREE at our Rainforest Arts Center!

Where: Rainforest Arts Center (RAC) Alcove 11 N. Forks, Avenue. Parking Available. The Gallery is free, but donations are gladly accepted.

Summer Viewing Hours

May 25-Sept 4, 2023
(Please note: we are closed on July 4th)
Thursday through Monday Noon to 4pm.
Tuesday & Wednesday 2 to 4pm.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our gallery, we have had to limit our capacity. Our daily gallery capacity Thurs-Mon is 150 people, Tues-Wed is 70 people. Our maximum group per tour is 10 people.

We operate on a time slot reservation, so lining up is not necessary. Please see staff member upon arrival to get your time slot. We assign time slots the day of the visit, not in advance. We recommend that you sign up for your timeslot prior to 2:30pm Friday through Monday, as we tend to fill up fast.

If we have not met our capacity for the day, we will close reservations at 3:30pm.

Winter Viewing Hours

September 16, 2022-May 24, 2023
Friday & Saturday Noon to 4pm (you must be in line by 3:30pm). 

Festival: September 13-17, 2023
Wednesday through Sunday Noon to 4 pm (you must be in line by 3:30pm).

We are happy to schedule additional viewings of the Collection during Winter, Monday through Thursday at 2pm subject to staffing availability.  
We don’t schedule any additional viewings on any other days (Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Please contact to schedule an additional viewing, 24 hours in advance please.

Forever Twilight in Forks Collection Photo Gallery:

Chuckesmee can’t wait to meet you!

Fun Facts about Chuckesmee:

  • She was “born” in 2010
  • She might be haunted
  • She is the underdog of the franchise
  • She has had a great second career on many social media platforms
  • She is melting…

The FTF Collection is free to enter. We operate this gallery with public support and we are very appreciative of your support to keep it going. If you wish to contribute while at the gallery, we accept cash and checks in our jar, credit cards through our Square terminal, and we are on Venmo @ForksWA. Thank you!


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