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Return of the Whales

April 29th, 2011 by contributor

Earlier this month the Quileute tribe officially welcomed the whales with a Return of the Whales Ceremony. This ceremony was revived about four years ago, and the whales seem to appreciate it, several times they have actually shown up during the ceremony. This traditional event welcomes the gray whale migration but Orcas have also gotten in to the act. Whale watching trips are being offered but even from the beach it is possible to get a glimpse of these amazing creatures.


Quileute Nation Launches Online Store

March 27th, 2010 by contributor

wolf_rattle-640We’re excited for our friends and neighbors in LaPush–the Quileute Nation has launched their cool new online store featuring authentic handmade and locally-produced merchandise. This is the real thing here, folks, not “Made in China,” or anything like that, but high-quality products direct from Quileute tribal members. The Quileute Nation is renowned for its skilled artisans and this is the perfect venue to share their creations with the world. We particularly liked the carvings and the cedar hat, but there’s something for everyone here–check it out!