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MSN Twilight Videos

November 13th, 2009 by contributor

msn videoWow!  We’re speechless after checking out these brand-new MSN Twilight videos (you may have to install MS Silverlight to view the videos).  For the most part, they were shot by the MSN crew while they were here in Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day on Bella’s Birthday.

The video featured above, Twilight: Land of Legends, presents an interesting perspective of Forks and LaPush.  Where the heck did they get some of that creepy footage?  Like those girls standing in that dark alley?  Or that huge pile of tires at Gilmore’s?  Seriously, these are truly impressive and very well-done–you have to see them all!  Thanks MSN!

Forks Featured in NY Times Travel

September 24th, 2009 by contributor

nice-fangs-2We got a kick out of this article about Forks in New York Times Travel. While the first impression of the article from everyone in town is likely to be “hey, it’s really not a two-stoplight town–it’s a one-stoplight town,” lol overall, Jane Margolies does a fine job of capturing the fun of Stephenie Meyer Day and the story of the Twilight frenzy here in Forks. We also enjoyed the slide show of nicely done local photos by Stuart Isett. Articles like this tend to make obvious the fact that Forks isn’t a secret any longer–but fall is a perfect time to visit without a lot of hoopla and Forks, LaPush and the West End continue to welcome all visitors. C’mon up and check us out!