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Olympic Hiking Co.

1 Olympic Hiking Co. Van
2 HR - High Ridge Trail
6 RI - Rialto Beach
7 HR Snowshoe
9 New Olympic Coast Cruiser
1 Olympic Hiking Co. Van2 HR - High Ridge Trail6 RI - Rialto Beach7 HR Snowshoe9 New Olympic Coast Cruiser

Olympic Hiking Co. is a commercially authorized tour operator in Olympic National Park. Olympic Hiking Co.’s team of naturalist hiking guides leads daily group hiking and sightseeing tours out of Port Angeles, WA and offers customizable private tours throughout the Olympic Peninsula. The company also provides daily trailhead shuttle services on the Olympic Coast May 1 through September 30 and custom shuttle services throughout the Peninsula year-round. You can book a guided tour or trailhead shuttle online by visiting our website.

Phone: 360-457-2259
Port Angeles, Washington, United States 98362