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Pets in Forks

October 12th, 2012 by Lissy Andros

Forks has changed from a farming community to whatever it is now, and animals have remained important to residents through the various transitions.

Friends of Forks Animals have a message phone listed in the phone book for issues related to animals in Forks.  A nice lady listens to the messages on a regular basis and directs inquires to the appropriate places.

Everywhere dogs and cats, often horses, goats, werewolves (just kidding) and other animals abound.  Used to be a llama was an unusual site here on the west end.  Not so anymore.

There’s room in Forks for new and additional businesses, and several potentials exist with regard to animals.  Pet sitting, training and grooming, pet attire, specialty pet foods, pet housing – all are possibilities for entrepreneurs.  Start with an idea, add some creativity, some hard work, a lot of energy, and you may have a tiger by the tail.  Just a figure of speech:  I haven’t seen any tigers in town.