forever twilight in Forks

September 10, 2015 all-day
Forks, Washington
Forks Chamber of Commerce

forever twilight in Forks

“forever twilight in Forks”

The ninth annual weekend celebration honoring Stephenie Meyer and all things twilight!

The Forks community is really excited to celebrate “forever twilight in Forks” in September 2015.  The festivities will begin on Thursday, September 10th with a kickoff at the Forks Visitor Information Center to welcome first-time and returning fans to Forks, and run through Bella’s birthday on September 13th.

The Forks Chamber of Commerce and local businesses look forward to offering a fun weekend with one schedule and minimally overlapping events.  The brand-new Rainforest Arts Center in downtown Forks, the former location of the Dazzled By Twilight store, will house several of the weekend’s activities, along with local businesses and restaurants.

The 2015 event’s focus will be the ten year anniversary of twilight being published.  With Forks being the setting for the book series, we can’t imagine a better place to be in September 2015.  So come celebrate with us!

Tickets on sale now!

Check out our website and our Facebook page for all the latest updates!

Please contact us with any questions.  And see YOU in September!

FTF Schedule Part 1

FTF Schedule Part 2

FTF Schedule Part 3

FTF Schedule Part 4

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