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forever twilight in Forks – September 10-13th in Forks, Washington

November 24th, 2014 by Lissy Andros

Mayor Monohon reading Proclamation

“forever twilight in Forks”


the 9th annual Stephenie Meyer Day / Bella’s Birthday Weekend celebration

September 10 – 13, 2015 in Forks, Washington

The Forks community is really excited to celebrate “forever twilight in Forks” the 9th Annual Stephenie Meyer Day / Bella’s Birthday Weekend in September 2015.  The festivities will begin on Thursday, September 10th with a kickoff at the Forks Visitor Information Center to welcome first-time and returning fans to Forks, and run through Bella’s birthday on September 13th.

The Forks Chamber of Commerce and local businesses look forward to offering a fun weekend with one schedule and minimally overlapping events.  The brand-new Rainforest Arts Center in downtown Forks, the former location of the Dazzled By Twilight stores, will house several of the weekend’s activities, along with local businesses and restaurants, including events hosted by the Quileute Tribe in LaPush!

The 2015 event’s focus will be the ten year anniversary of twilight being published.  With Forks being the setting for the book series, we can’t imagine a better place to be in September 2015.  So come celebrate with us!

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

February 20th, 2014 by Lissy Andros

Swan House

Is Charlie Swan Moving?

Well at first glance it looks like it could be true.  What we know as the “Home of the Swans” has a for sale sign in front of it.  The gracious homeowners that let us put their home on the Twilight tour are moving and now are hoping that somebody will buy the house and love it as much as them and the thousands of fans that have posed in front* of it.  Those fans imagine Bella upstairs, with Edward not too far away.  And possibly Jacob patrolling nearby, watching out for Bella too. 

Therefore maybe the new owners will let the “Home of the Swans” sign reside once again out front, for all to enjoy.  Or maybe someone will buy it and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast, similar to the Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn).  So while it might appear that the Swan family is moving, in our hearts they will always be the ones that reside on K Street.

*Fans have always been welcome to take pictures from the street and the homeowners and the Forks Chamber of Commerce appreciate their cooperation.

Zorbing in Forks, Washington… well almost!

February 10th, 2012 by contributor

Cojones NW… you gotta HAVE ’em to RIDE ’em!

We are Debbie & Randy Bennett of Team Forks Twilight tours of Forks.. we would like to get the word out on a new venture we are starting in response to a frequent query from “our” tourists : Now what is there to do ?

We can pretty much guarantee there’s nothing else like this around.

We aren’t officially open just yet, the grand opening is March 1st, 2012 and the hours will be : noon to dusk – Thursday thru Sunday at first.

The following “letter” covers the gist of it.

I was following my good friend’s advice by traveling to the tiny “town” of Beaver.

Beaver is THE tinyest town ever… and it’s just a wolfs leap from Forks, the famous home of all things “twilight” on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.

My destination has the thought provoking name of “Cojones NW” and the promise of “a thrill outside the ordinary”… “something waaay different” , according to my buddy.

After an absolutely GORGEOUS drive thru northwest Washington, I arrived at their facility on a hillside overlooking an equally gorgeous valley, with sweeping views of evergreens ascending the nearby mountains which enveloped us..
Here I learned the details of my adventure :   Big Ball, me in it, zoom !

Well, I am up for almost ANYTHING that promises diversion from the workaday world, and the additional promise of outrageous excitement works for me.
sooo, while waiting my turn,

I watched as eagles rode the air currents overhead, ….also I had been told that several different herds of Roosevelt elk roamed this property & I could see evidence of that.

I also laughed myself silly at the antics of those taking their “spin” ahead of me, just watching the boarding procedure is hilarious, and then there’s the varying degrees of terror on their faces as they are launched .   The screams were mixed with laughter.
That those same faces registered glee ( not just relief ) at the landing pad made me excited to get to it myself. Soon enough, it was my turn to climb the 23 degree slope to the rooftop launch, and perform a running leap at the entrance of my strange “ride”.

The sounds of laughter proved others enjoyed my performance.

I finally found myself securely inside a bubble, a large inner chamber itself suspended within a huge, ten foot, hundred and fifty pound sphere of clear plastic.
There are two tunnel entrances, which can be closed or open.

This gorgeous day I have chosen to ride in my shorts and selected the option of the addition of five gallons of warm water to my bubble, so I am not in a harness, I am FREE to slosh around..

I am about to be launched from Cojones NW’s 16′ high staging area .. the view is really intense from up here….oh my…oh crap….whooaaa…. WHEEE… here I GO …gaining speed while rolling down the 40′ ramp on the whackest, funnest waterslide ride I have ever had, (because with the addition of the h2o, you slosh around on the bottom as the ball rolls..) all the looong way down the specially designed 600′ track.

Gravity is in complete control, and there are no brakes … my squirming and screaming does seem to have some effect, however …
No worries, even if ya go “dry”… the balls wash up nicely with just a hose.

All in all, a very good day, sure to be repeated. These guys are very reasonable.. they charge less than half the cost per ride as the New Zealand site does..

I will drag friends and family next times, so as not to be laughed at only by strangers….

This activity was invented by Dwayne van der Sluis and Andrew Akers in New Zealand in 1995 as something exciting for tourists to do once they became jaded with bungee jumping.
What they call Zorbing has large numbers of enthusiastic participants, not only in New Zealand but also in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

We here at Cojones NW are delighted to offer an American version of this outrageous, addictive, and also very affordable adventure.

Cojones NW
60 Magnolia Rd., Beaver, WA  98305

cohones nw pic paint

A note from Judith

January 5th, 2012 by contributor

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of escorting Judith, a German Travel Agent around Forks. With the help of a very kind translator (Christian at Hard Rain Cafe on the Upper Hoh Rd) I found out Judith was here to find out about Forks and the surrounding area for her company, and why their customers should visit this area.   She was looking for specific lodging establishments and couldn’t find them so I offered to drive her.  There was a language barrier to say the least.  She spoke very little English and I speak only two languages – English and Texan.   After a lot of talking with our hands, pointing at things, speaking slowly and silence, we made it through the tour.  She was a very warm person and when we parted she gave me one heck of a hug.

I emailed her after she left, using Google Translator and I heard back from her last week.

Today we had a couple of visitors from Germany, a man and his daughter taking in the Twilight sites.  I asked him to translate her email and he did.  It was very emotional for me to hear him go on about how friendly everybody was that she encountered.  That even though she was alone, she wasn’t lonely or bored.  And how beautiful everything was.  Judith hopes to return some day with her family for vacation and I hope I get to see her when she does.

Below is the email I received…

Ich wünsche euch ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr.Ich denke jeden Tag einmal an meinen Urlaub. Es war eine wundervolle Zeit.Es zu beschreiben ist fast unmöglich.Eines ist ganz sicher,ich komme wieder.Wie soll man etwas erklären,das sich mir jeden Tag neu und einzigartig gezeigt hat.Ich versuche gerade zu beschreiben was ich gesehen habe. Ich wurde oft gefragt ob es mir nicht langweilig geworden ist,so alleine.Nein,kein einzigesmal.Jeden Tag war ich aufs neue gefesselt von der Natur.Der Wald bot immer wieder neue Eindrücke und das Meer stand ihm in  nichts nach.Der Nebel veränderte immer wieder das Bild und so erschienen immer neue Bilder, die mich beeindruckten,auch die Sonnenuntergänge sind mir unvergessen.Es ist eben mehr als nur Twilight.Man sollte mit offenen Augen alles betrachten.Einen guten Eindruck hinterließen auch die Leute aus Forks bei mir,egal ob es beim einkaufen oder sonst einer Gelegenheit war,trotz meiner Sprachunkenntnis waren alle sehr nett zu mir.Danke Schön für die Herzlichkeit.Auch meine Vermieterin war ein richtiger Schatz und für die Hilfe von der Dame vom Müller Tree Inn bei meiner Ankunft,kann ich nur danke sagen. Ich hoffe ihr alle habt ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr,das wünsche ich euch und freue mich wenn ich eines Tages wieder einmal Urlaub machen kann.


Twilight Twoilet

August 1st, 2011 by contributor


The members of West End Business & Professional Association and Forks Chamber of Commerce have gone in together on two Sanicans placed downtown for the summer tourists.  Merchants in the area of the stoplight had been complaining about Twilight visitors using their restrooms which are usually back in store rooms and not meant for public use.

So a regular sanican was delivered first and when the folks at West Waste and Recycling delivered the second one it had a custom paint job, I call it the “Twilight Twoilet.”
Now visitors can have their pick Regular or Twilight!

It’s The Mayor’s Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 Contest!

July 27th, 2011 by contributor

How would you like to be Mayor of Forks for a day? Mayor Bryon Monohon has come up with a contest “The Mayor’s Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 Contest”! In addition to being mayor for a day the winner will receive a gift basket valued at $100.00. Details about the contest can be found on the City of Forks website. I wonder what Part 2 is?


Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Countdown

May 6th, 2011 by contributor


The next chapter of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, is already the cause of many a heart rate rising. This latest movie in the ‘Twilight’ saga is expected to be in theaters in mid-November.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

July 22nd, 2010 by contributor

parkingJust like the Joni Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi” a vacant lot on Main Street in Forks was recently paved, striped and turned in to a parking lot. Forks has never had a surplus of parking spots and with all the Twilight fans in town it has become impossible to find a parking spot. This much needed addition will hopefully make it easier for fans and residents of Forks to take care of business! The new parking lot has a self pay station and uses the honor system.

Twilight Moth

June 30th, 2010 by contributor


This moth/butterfly hung out by my office door a few days ago. After looking at hundreds of moth/butterfly photos on the internet and not being able to identify its true name, it was christened the Twilight Moth because of the striking red and black markings on its wings. It stayed a few hours and then was gone, perhaps flying over to the Cullen House or maybe it was in town to hitch a ride on Bella’s truck at the Visitor’s Center?

ESPN Interviews Forks’ Student Athletes

June 23rd, 2010 by contributor

espnWhat do Forks Spartans student athletes want rival players and Twilight fans to know? They are Spartans not vampires or werewolves. ESPN’s Jim Caple recently visited FHS and interviewed a handful of students and athletic director Kevin Rupprecht. While students are not so happy with their new nicknames, Twilight fans have had a positive effect on the amount of money in the athletic department’s budget, through their purchase of Spartan Gear. Thanks to the extra funds there have been no cut backs. Go Spartans!

Media Frenzy Hits the West End

May 28th, 2010 by contributor

rialtoMedia Frenzy– In the last few weeks Forks and surrounding communities have been inundated by media:

KING 5 News Seattle, North Seattle Herald Outlook Newspaper, USA Today Newspaper and Stern Magazine from Germany.

Stern Magazine is the largest magazine in Germany and their story will focus just on the town of Forks. USA Today will be having their article appear a week before the release of the next movie, Twilight Saga: Eclipse. King 5 was here to do a follow-up report based on the “Twilight in Forks” video where some of us residents and visitors were interviewed about the town. So, smile! You may be on camera.

Twilight Firewood

April 29th, 2010 by contributor

twilight firewood

We’ve held off on commenting about the local Twilight Firewood stand for quite a while now, but we just can’t resist. We think it’s hilarious! It kind of takes things to a whole new level. And the sharp-looking stand is certainly an attention getter. Although the small print says to burn the “LaPush bundles” to “keep the evil vampires away,” we suspect simply throwing pieces of firewood at them would be just as effective. Stock up now!

Jasper Forks Video

March 26th, 2010 by contributor

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you’re missing out! It’s based on a house remix of South Korean pianist/composer Yiruma’s River Flows in You, but what got our attention (of course . . .) is the professionally filmed footage of Forks and the West End. Wow! Director Mark Feuerstake clearly knows how to capture that eery forest feeling. We suspect that he–like most of the German visitors we see here in Forks–knows from personal experience what real forests are like. Nicely done!

My Boyfriend is Really Old . . .

January 4th, 2010 by contributor

Well, we thought this video was pretty funny. It’s a parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ hit song, Empire State of Mind, with all kinds of clever Twilight and Forks rhymes and references thrown in. There’s even a cameo from Cousin Itt in there. . . . It’s just for fun–check it out! (May not be appropriate for all viewers.)


Yeah, I love Edward
No longer Jacob Black
And hes my biggest hero
And I’ll be his forever
I’m his newest lover
And since I love it here
I ain’t going anywhere
Yeah, I’m gonna stay here
All the sexy vampires
Make me feel right at home
We like to hang out all day
Brought me to that McDonalds
Took it to the kissing spot
560 State Street
You can catch me in the kitchen kissing face thats so pasty
Cruising down 8th Street
In a silver Volvo
Driving so fast
My heartbeat is gonna plateau
Ed is my number one
Hes extremely dreamy
Now I live in Washington
You ain’t gonna see me
Say what up to Carlisle
Man, hes so versatile
Edward is mine
All others are cast aside
O man, I’m so in love
It cant get any better
Tell by my heartbeat, that the only place to be is

Is Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

Catch me in a field with Cullens playing a ball game
They made pale more famous than an albino kid can
You should know I bleed though, but I aint got bit though
But I got a gang of pires walking with my clique though
Edward Cullen is so hot
This is true more often than not
Jake doesnt come close to it
Edward is the sure shot
Baseball bat, pire bat, mitzvah bat, Jacob Black
Seems to me that all of the actors in this movie probably forgot how to act
One true Jacob, out there and hes shirtless
Girlies are all whirly, staring at his manly chest
Me, I got my bud, special Ed, I got it made
If you paid me a million bucks, I wouldnt trade him away
Blow me kisses
Blow kisses back at you
I love you, Edward, rest in peace Dracula
This aint Transylvania, no more Van Helsing
Long live vamps yo
Im from the best place that is

Is Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

Skin is blinding
Girls need blinders
So they can step outside with Edward
His skin gets all dazzley
And it makes me all razzley, and gradually become worse
Please catch my apple E
Caught up in the in town
With your crooked smile
And the winter gets cold but not as cold as your skin though
Your sparkly skin is a witty new sin
Team Jacob vs. Edward, Edwards gonna win
Edward dont you bite me, cause you know Ill bleed out
Everybody wants me, but not like brussel sprouts
Pale Edward is the king of Forks, Washington
And Jacob cant touch me, life starts when Im bit on
Came here from Phoenix, now Edward is my life
Werewolves and vampires, addicted to my limelight
Edward Cullens got me feeling like a champion
Our hearts never sleep better slip us an Ambien

In Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks

One hand in the air for the small city
Edward, my team is looking all pretty
No one else in the world could compare
Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah
Come on, come, yeah

Its Forks
Vampire City where dreams are made of
This aint no stupid spoon
Lets all go live in Forks
This town will make you feel real cold
My boyfriend is really old
Only happens
In Forks, in forks, in forks


December 22nd, 2009 by contributor

zigs-tryouts-3-girlsLooks like just about everyone in Forks showed up for the casting call for the planned Forks reality TV show. (We’re up in Canada, so we missed all of the action!) Check out the coverage at the Forks Forum site and in today’s Peninsula Daily News. We’re assuming they’re not talking about the “real” Forks that we know, so we’re curious what, exactly, is planned. Anyone have suggestions for Zig Gauthier, the Santa Monica, California, based television producer behind the project?

Good Tines in Forks

December 6th, 2009 by contributor

costco 3

Guess who’s featured in the December Costco Connection magazine? Yup. It’s Forks! The article, written by Stephanie E. Ponder, is actually very nicely done–thanks! Among other things, we like how they say whether the people they interview are Costco members. Maybe we should mention that Costco is a Forks Chamber of Commerce member. And it looks like someone at Costco enjoys puns. Good tines indeed! We appreciate the effort!