If you are looking for VIT Tickets once they are sold out, we recommend joining our FB Group to see if anyone is reselling tickets. July 31st is the cutoff for ticket transfers.

September 12 – 15, 2024

Very Important Twilighters (VITs) will enjoy:

Thursday, September 12th
~ VIT Goodie Bag
~ Fandom Family Photo Free Download

Friday, September 13th
~ FTF Festival Breakfast with The Olympic Coven
~ Autograph/Photograph Event with Twilight Saga Special Guests (You will choose either Friday or Saturday when you purchase your ticket.)
~ Bella Italia Dinner
~ “Paper Cut” Fandom Family Party | Blood red cocktail attire is recommended

Saturday, September 14th
~ Autograph/Photograph Event with Twilight Saga Special Guests (You will choose either Friday or Saturday when you purchase your ticket.)
~ FTF Festival Panel featuring Twilight Saga special guests
~ “Alternate Ending – All Volturi” Saturday Night Gala | Glam cocktail to semi-formal is recommended

Sunday, September 15th 
~ “Jacob’s Garage” Sunday Luncheon
~ Family Farewell Photo Free Download

All ages are welcome. Includes one glass of wine at the Bella Italia Dinner for those 21 and over, VIT Goodie Bag, Commemorative Ticket and VIT Lanyard, professional printed photos from the Autograph/Photograph event (one per special guest), and downloads for the two group photos for one very nice price of $600.00. Valid ID required for alcohol. Both parties will have a cash bar.

Only a limited number of VIT Tickets are available while supplies last. Group photos include download code that will be sent after the event. All tickets including the VIT Ticket, VIT Goodie Bag, FTF Commemorative Ticket and Lanyard will be available for pickup on Thursday, September 12, 2024 at 9am at the Forks Visitor Information Center. Must have photo ID that matches invoice when picking up. Other pickup times are listed on the schedule. Every person receiving a VIT Ticket must be present at ticket pickup. Nothing will be shipped before or after our event.

You can pay in full at time of purchase and receive priority in the Autograph/Photograph line. If you make payments, your line position is not created until your final payment is made.

We will not have a waiting list for tickets. Any tickets that were on the payment plan and were unsold will be announced in our FB Group and will be available at designated times in the online store through July 31 while supplies last. 


  • We will have two Autograph/Photograph (A/P) sessions to choose from when you are purchasing your ticket. If you choose Friday you will also have the early breakfast and early dinner on Friday. If you choose Saturday you will have the late breakfast and late dinner on Friday.
  • Your A/P time slot will be based on when your ticket is purchased in full. We recommend coordinating with those in your group to make sure your tickets are paid in close proximity.
  • If your group buys all on one order, you will be guaranteed to be together.
  • At the A/P event, there will be approximately fifty people per group.
  • If you choose Friday, you will be in groups A – D, early breakfast, and early dinner. Please arrive with your complete party to the meals.
  • If you choose Saturday, you will be in groups E – H, late breakfast, and late dinner. Please arrive with your complete party to the meals.
  • We will inform you of your group at our earliest opportunity.
  • Each VIT ticket holder will get one item signed and a professional photo with each Twilight Saga Special Guest. You will receive one professionally printed photo with each special guest after A/P event closes.
  • Due to the limited amount of time for this event – we will not allow any personal photos, videos, phone calls, Snapchats, lives, or any other interaction with the special guests outside of the autograph and photograph. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in being removed from the line and the forfeiture of remaining guest autograph and photograph opportunities.
  • Our guests reserve the right to NOT sign any item found to be questionable.


  • A ticket purchased in full consists of a ticket paid at time of purchase or paid in full through the payment plan.
  • If you buy FTF Bucks with no corresponding ticket, you don’t have an event ticket.
  • FTF Bucks must be purchased in correspondence with a ticket to be applicable.
  • Transfers of VIT Tickets from the original purchaser to a third party can only be processed through Forks Chamber of Commerce. The deadline for transfers is July 31.
  • Transfers do not include original assigned A/P Event time.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Tickets cannot be converted to a ticket credit for a future event.
  • Nothing will be shipped before or after the event, including VIT Goodie Bags.


  • We offer payment plans. To use the payment plan, choose “pay later” at checkout. In a separate transaction, we will need the deposit ($50 per ticket) within an hour to secure your ticket. Deposits must be made with FTF Bucks, available in our online store.  The initial down payment is $50 per ticket. Your final payment has to be received by us by May 31st. No exceptions. This includes mailed payments.
  • Payments can be made by check/money order (United States only) or by FTF Bucks in our online store (United States and international). Any payments made on tickets that are not paid in full by May 31 are non-refundable.
  • FTF Bucks are only sold in $25 increments. We don’t offer refunds or credits on FTF Bucks that are higher than the order total.
  • For payment plans, the payment is applied to the order, not the individual ticket.
  • We apply the payments internally and when your ticket is paid in full, you will receive an email confirmation stating it is.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to planning an amazing event for you September 12 – 15, 2024.

Contact Forks Chamber at or 360-374-2531 for more information.