Exploring The Northwest Coast

Along Hwy 112 are the communities of Clallam Bay, Sekiu and Neah Bay. There’s also spectacular views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Visit Cape Flattery, the most Northwestern tip of the continental US, visit the renowned Makah Museum, and explore these coastal communities and beaches. Come with us as we explore the tip of the Northwest!

Exploring the Northwest Coast, Clallam Bay, Sekiu and Neah Bay:

Clallam Bay & Sekiu:

Birders will delight in the variety of sea and migratory foul found in this region, a list of sites and species is available by request or online. Some of the best tide pools in Washington can be found near Clallam Bay at Slip Point. Access is from the county day-use park right in town. Once on the beach, head to the right toward the point. Check the tides and allow plenty of time to be safe. Picturesque Sekiu has several boat marinas – a fun stroll to look at the boats and perhaps catch a glimpse of halibut, ling cod or red snapper fresh from the Strait.

Continuing toward Neah Bay along Hwy 112, watch for the occasional gray whales that feed in the shallow reefs along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Keep an eye out for bald eagles that can be seen along this dramatic stretch of highway, particularly in late winter. Whale watching, scuba and fishing charters as well as kayak rentals and guided coastal tours are available seasonally at Sekiu and Neah Bay.

The Makah Museum & Neah Bay:

Makah Indian artifacts more than 500 years old are preserved and displayed at the Makah Museum in Neah Bay (360) 645-2711 (Open daily). Neah Bay is also a major stop on the Northwest Flyway for migratory birds. Makah Days in the summer is a visitor favorite. There’s camping at the Hobuck Beach Resort or the Cape Resort.

Photo courtesy John Fowler via Wikipedia with Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Cape Flattery and Beyond:

Beyond the village of Neah Bay, enjoy a spectacular .7-mile walk to Cape Flattery, the most northwestern point in the contiguous 48 states! The boardwalk trail leads through the forest to breathtaking vistas with four observation decks where one can see Tatoosh and Vancouver Islands, sea life and ship traffic. Turning south over the Waatch River near the Makah Tribal Center will lead to the scenic crescent of Hobuck Beach, which is open to the public year-round for day-use. Continue to the new northern entrance to Olympic National Park and Shi Shi Beach where the Point of the Arches rock formations can be found.

Recreation Permit for Neah Bay Activities: You’ll need to purchase a recreation permit. Permits are purchased locally in-person at the Makah Marina, the Museum at the Makah Culture and Research Center, Makah Mini Mart, Hobuck Beach Resort and a few other places in town. There is no online option for purchasing a permit at this time. The permit must be displayed in the window of your vehicle while enjoying the trails, beaches and other attractions of this area. Details are posted on the permit. Currently it’s $20 per vehicle valid for 1 year.  Respect the culture of the Makah Tribe and limit your activities to designated visitor facilities.

Day Three Photo Gallery:

Enjoy these images taken around the Northwest Tip! Click to view larger.

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