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Forever Twilight in Forks Festival

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We are sad to announce that Billy Burke won’t be joining us in September, because he has a brand-new project and will be filming all of September. We know you are very disappointed, as are we, but as fans we are supportive of his career and hope nothing but the best for him. Please join us in congratulating Billy on his upcoming new show!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding guests, the final schedule, and more! This is when the real action starts happening. Oh, and see you in six short weeks!



We have been contacted by a few people who are concerned about travel due to COVID.
You have some options:
  1. If you have a VIT Ticket for 2021, we are extending an offer to put your VIT Ticket purchase cost of $325 towards a ticket for next year. This is not an offer to roll your ticket over to 2022, but you will have a credit of $325.00 to use towards your ticket purchase for 2022. If you choose to do this, we will be immediately selling your spot to someone else, so it’s final once you let me know.
  2. You can choose to sell your ticket to another person wanting to attend. I have a list, so I can help match you with someone wanting to purchase.

PLEASE CONTACT Director@ForksWA.com to take advantage of options.

We will not make any changes to VIT Tickets after August 10th at 5pm Pacific time.

We’re thrilled to welcome our fandom family back to the town chosen by Stephenie Meyer as the home for her vampire family and her lonely high school girl who we followed into their world. Forks will forever be the home of Twilight, and so to celebrate the love story that started it all, we are pleased and proud to announce our weekend festival, from September 9th through 12th, 2021.

So save the date to celebrate!

We would like to thank our fabulous sponsors:


Jack Morrissey / Team Jack

Bella Italia Restaurant • Cullen House aka Miller Tree Inn • DeMaria Law Firm • Dew Drop Inn • Edwina Bates • Elke Van der Stricht • Fandom.com / Screen Junkies • Fandom Pins • First Federal • Forks Forest / Fern Acres • Forks Motel • Forks Outfitters • Forks True Value • Hoh Indian Tribe • Jessi J’s Uniquely Handmade Crafts • Land’s End Images • Lissy & Vicki • Method Agency, LLC • Monique, Justin & Lit • Nancy Eaton • Nancy Kirkpatrick • Pacific Inn Motel • PNW Twilighters (PNWT) • Prop Store • Quileute Oceanside Resort • Ronnie & Teresa Aldrich Sparkle LLC in memory of Louanne Kruse • The Alpha Males • Tiffani Woody • Tombstone Shirts • Town Motel • Twi-hard Texans • Twilight Netfun Forever Under The New Moon Gifts 

2021 APPLE

Confessions of a Twilight Mom • Danielle Pool • Olympic Laundry • SJB Construction Inc.


Ally Richardson • BBG Blakeslee’s Bar & Grill • Catering with the Castellanos • CresComm WiFi • Dawn Pond • Don Grafstrom / Professional Realty Services • Forks Athletic & Aquatic Club • Forks Elks Lodge • Kelly Grable / Kelly’s Dance Academy • Kim’s Creations & Tulle Shed • Misty Valley Inn B&B • Native To Twilight • Olympic Corrections Center • Pacific Pizza • Quillayute Valley School District • Robert & Adrienne Spykers/The Cullen Chronicles • Sarah George • ShAro Di Volterra • Sully’s Drive-In •  Twilight in Vegas 

Aurora D • Cindy Stapp Connie Beauvais • Forks Timber Museum • Harbinger Winery • Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Publishing • Love Bites Jewelry • Mike Gurling • Natalie Davies •  Quillayute River Resort •  The Spartan Plumber • Three Rivers Resort & Guide Service • TJS-Photography • Twilight Swan House • Washington State Twilighters (WST)

and a very special thank you to

City of ForksOlympic Peninsula Visitor BureauPort of Port Angeles • Port of Seattle 



Our Mission Statement

Forever Twilight in Forks is comprised of the Forks Chamber of Commerce as well as a group of volunteer planners based in Forks, all over the United States and internationally.  Our team consists of dedicated Twilight fans, just like the thousands of visitors that have been annually flocking to Forks since 2006. Our love for the books, characters and author are at the root of what we do during that magical weekend in September. We dedicate our time and energy all year long, putting our best efforts towards creating a loving, supportive environment for everyone who makes the trek to the place where it all happens.

Our mission is to provide Twilight fans with a fun-filled weekend, where everyone can enjoy each others company and feel welcomed and comfortable within our very tight-knit community. Twilight has created a unique fandom, with members from all corners of the world, and we as a team are committed to keeping that spirit alive for all those who still feel as passionate about the Twilight Saga today as they did when they first fell in love with it.

We are also dedicated to giving back to the community of Forks.  Without the support of local businesses and people, our annual event would not be the success that it is. Our events are always planned with these groups in mind, creating fundraising opportunities as well, to better our beautiful town.